Hello, I am so glad you stopped by to visit me and my babies! My name is China Morris; we live in beautiful southwest Arkansas, the natural state! I am a lifelong animal lover. As an only child, I grew up with a variety of pets for my playmates. My mother indulged my passion, as she is an IG breeder herself- making me a second generation dog breeder. The interest never faded- I began showing and breeding at the age of 21 and have enjoyed being a professional breeder since.
We take pride in producing quality pups with sound health, wonderful temperaments, and great conformation. Our sires and dams are our own personal companions first- but they are also indeed health-tested beautiful specimens of their breed.

Our primary goal is to place each pup in loving forever homes. Our job is not just sales, but a lifetime commitment to our buyers and our pups. Adding a well-adjusted puppy to your home can be a wonderful experience with our help and guidance.

Take a moment to look around our website. If you see a pup that steals your heart- or if you just have questions about the possibility of a future pup- please contact me at [email protected] or phone 479-216-2198 . Thank you and enjoy your time with us at Designer Puppy Dreams!